EAF Brings Offshore On Shore For Siemens Wind Power

 EAF (European Abnormal Freight Logistics) were tasked as the UK Transport Project Managers by Siemens Wind Power, one of the world’s leading specialists in Green Renewable Energy Solutions, to transport one complete top of the massive 6.0-Megawatt Offshore Wind-Turbine from Newcastle Port to the Siemens Training Facility in Newcastle.

In a standard 44t HGV, the journey would be at best uneventful but at 30m long, 7.50 m wide, 8.50m high and touching 240 tonnes, only the best would have the nerves to take on the task of moving this colossal off shore giant.

Industry legends Mammoet Wind© demonstrated why they are some of the best in the business. When Mammoet are on the job you know the job isn’t an easy, normal or simple one and ‘massive’ barely describes the three components (hub, nacelle and generator) sat dockside.

The Project

Siemens Wind Power had recently opened its £8 million training centre at Shields Road, Newcastle. The Specialist Facility has dedicated areas which are designed around wind, steam, gas turbines and generator technologies and is where Siemens will send employees and apprentices from around the world to be trained/refreshed in an environment closely resembling that of one which they will experience when out in the field.

The Brief

“The project took months of planning”, EAF‘s Director Marc Wodehouse commented. “Our 1st on site meeting was with Newcastle Council, Mammoet, the Police and a string of ancillary service providers. Just how would we transport 3 loads, whose dimensions mimic those of 6 terraced houses, through streets and housing estates where the biggest thing to pass through was a Tesco Lorry?”

The Challenges

EAF processed a full Traffic order, Swept path analysis and intensive route surveys and planning.

Major Tree surgery by an 8-man team was required from the Port.

“No Parking” restrictions for just over 3 miles, complete with security patrols and just for good measure, the disconnection of Telecommunication lines to nearly 150 houses.

We had to set up alternative back up Internet and broadband services at 2 local Hotels and for residents and local businesses along the route

The Night of the Move

Because of the ports location, the only route was Newcastle’s ‘A’ road system.
The team had a rigid ten-hour window each night to negotiate and deliver the mammoth components from one side of the city to the other. It was a challenge only the best in the industry would accept.

Staggered over two consecutive March nights, beginning at 20:00 hrs on Monday 13th, the hub was delivered 1st and then the team returned and loaded and delivered the Nacelle, leaving the final load, the generator, to be delivered the following night, Tuesday 14th.

Just Another Day at the Office

At EAF, we pride ourselves on finding simple solutions to difficult problems. The Siemens project tested that mantra to its absolute limits. It is a credit to the entire team, working seamlessly together, that this incredible venture was completed without a hitch.

EAF would like to thank: Robert Wagner and his excellent team at Mammoet©,Newcastle Constabulary, both Newcastle & Tyne and Weir Councils, BT Openreach, SSE Enterprise, Kingdom Security and Capita for their succesful collaboration. Great credit is also due to David Pollock of Scottish Photography production for his truly amazing night photos.