Abnormal & Wide Load Permits

In the UK, abnormal and wide loads travelling by road require Permits, known as “Notifications”, when the overall dimensions (loaded or empty) exceed:

  • A weight of more than 44,000kg
  • A width of more than 2.9 metres
  • A rigid length of more than 18.65 metres

The “rigid length” is the length of either the trailer or the cargo, whichever is longer.

The wide and abnormal load permit application process requires notifying each County Police force and Highway Authority along a single specified route, as well as Bridge & Tunnel Authorities, Highway Maintenance agencies, Local Councils, utility service providers and Rail & Waterways etc

EAF has provided a bespoke service for our clients for more than 35 years and has processed abnormal load permits throughout the UK, Ireland and the whole of mainland Europe.

By combining our wealth of experience, attention to detail and network of contacts we can help you process abnormal and wide load permits seamlessly, getting your load to its destination on time, every time.

EAF are registered permit agents in the UK (Esdal2©), France (TENet©), Belgium (Mobilit©), Holland (RDW©), Germany (Vemags©) & Luxembourg (Tr.Etat).

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Businessman approving a wide or abnormal load permit