Company history


Marc Wodehouse started working with Abnormal loads in 1983, after leaving the Royal Navy.

Marc started off as a “Pilot Car Driver” escorting Boats from the UK to the South of France.

He then graduated to an HGV1 driver spending most of the 80’s and the early 90’s gaining invaluable experience delivering Abnormal loads all over France, Spain, Portugal & Italy, and some as far as Greece & Bulgaria.

Slightly disillusioned with the many & slightly odd limitations & restrictions that the heavily bureaucratic permit system imposed.

Marc set about finding a solution

In a spur of the moment decision in 1997, He walked into the Convoi Exceptionnel offices in Caen in Normandie. And in his then best Pidgeon English asked. “How do I go about this then?”

Armed a bundle of application forms and surprisingly, extremely helpful & very friendly advice. A large box of pencils, and a second-hand Imperial 66 Typewriter, he set about the process.

Whilst continuing to drive a Truck. Every spare waking moment went to processing the application.

After 4 months & at least £400 in paper, ink post, fax and a good few kilos of 10-franc coins, Marc processed his 1st permit for a Boat Haulier called Exonia European Boat Transport.

And was rewarded the princely sum £115 for his efforts.

Undeterred. Over that 1st year, he did many more permits for his then Boss, working as a sub-contractor.

And by his own admission, still didn’t make a penny.

However, still working from his 3rd bedroom. Within 3 Years he was supplying French Permits for every major UK Boat haulier.

Then expanding into permits for Caravan hauliers & Heavy Haulage. And then neighbouring countries, Marc soon became known throughout the “Convoi-Exceptionnel” community as “The Permit Man”

In 2006 Marc took on an assistant to help with the work load and in May 2007, opened his office at Madeira Parade, Bognor Regis.

Over the next 10 years, EAF has grown to its current position to become the UK’s market Leader.

With 5 personal in the office, each with their individual skill set and fluent in English, French, Spanish & German.

European Abnormal Freight Logistics now provide our Europe wide range of professional services to our 483 clients based in 28 countries.