Route Surveys

EAF’s specialist Route surveys & Feasibility studies, incorporating AutoCad©/Autoturn© Pro 3d 2017 Swept Path Analysis and Blackvue UHD 4K Video recording, have been used by clients including Airbus©, Siemens©, Heineken©, Tetra-Pak© and more, to successfully move heavy and abnormal loads across Europe.

If you’re moving an outsized or abnormal load, our highly experienced team will carry out an extensive survey, assessing, turning circles, potential pinch points or hazards. We will also assess the need for street furniture removal, power and broadband cable lifting & tree surgery.

We can then create anything from a simple overview, to a full hard back publication and photo and video library.

For advice about our comprehensive route surveying service, or to discuss your next haulage project, you can get in touch via the button below. You can also view an example of one of our route survey publications.