Signs and Boards

Convoi exceptionnel signsAlthough each country has their own wording for warning abnormal load or wide load, the French Convoi Exceptionnel is accepted in all European countries with the exception of the UK.

Sign lettering must be exact and to a specific size and positioning on the vehicle.

Amber rotating beacons, side marker lights along with red and white chevron marker boards for width and rear overhang are also required.

Triangular red reflective markers for rear of trailer and kilometer speed stickers are also mandatory in some countries.

Police will have no hesitation in awarding on the spot fines of each infraction, and furthermore your load can be immobilised until correct Convoi Exceptionnel signs are displayed.

Don’t get caught out!

We can advise and supply all of the following :-

  • Red & White Reflective Chevron Markers – Double and Single sided
  • Convoi Exceptionnel Boards – Double and Single line
  • Variable Speed Stickers
  • Rotating Beacons
  • CB Radios including handheld
  • Aerial extension including accessories

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